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CVDC Offers Maximum Protection for All Patients


Here at Cumberland Valley Dental Care (CVDC) we see patients with all levels of dental health....from perfect dental health to devastating and rampant breakdown of teeth and gums. Regular Fluoride exposure both at home and in the office is essential for every patient.

It has been our mission for the 40 years in practice in Chambersburg to prevent and treat tooth decay. We are ecstatic to now be able to provide a world class option of treating tooth decay. We already knew low to medium risk for decay patients can reverse or prevent tooth decay with twice a year fluoride varnish applications by a dental professional and twice daily use of a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste (it is 5X stronger than Crest or Colgate) at home.

However, if it is determined that you are at high risk for tooth decay, there is still hope! A new product approved by the FDA (called Advantage Arrest, a form of Silver Diamine Fluoride or SDF) for decreasing tooth sensitivity has also shown in trials for off label use that it can actually arrest the decay process, by killing decay causing bacteria and re-harden decayed teeth. We are now using SDF at CVDC for all high risk and severely decayed teeth before we restore them to minimize the loss of tooth structure as much as possible. This allows the tooth to become stronger with less drilling away of previously decayed tooth structure. This leaves an overall healthier and stronger tooth. We are very excited about the potential for saving more teeth than ever before.

On another note, if you are concerned about the loss of fluoride in your water, this should give you reassurance that you won’t lose the major benefits of fluoride. Although, I have a suspicion that having fluoride in your drinking water gave many a false sense of security for maintaining strong teeth. And, it is important to note that the above recommendations do not involve ingesting fluoride in a pill, or tablet OR your water, the effects are all topical, you rinse or spit out the excess that does not adhere to the tooth structures.

I would be happy to discuss this revolutionary concept with anyone before your appointment if you have questions. The below listed links offer more detailed information.

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